Drying the press - a diet for men

Both women and men strive to have an ideal body, so if you, representatives of the stronger sex, want your stomach to be elastic and taut, pay attention to such a diet as - drying the press.It's no secret that excess weight in women is primarily deposited on the hips, and in men - on the stomach. Getting rid of a beer tummy is sometimes very difficult. Therefore, if you decide to do the press, then training alone will not be enough. You should also follow a special diet.What are the rules for drying the press?So, at the first stage it should be completely! Refuse fried, salted and smoked. Instead of coffee and tea, as well as alcoholic beverages, drink juices and still water, and instead of sweets - eat nuts and fruits. So eating, within a week you will be able to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins and lose about 5 kilograms.In the second week, the main products should be boiled and fresh vegetables, fermented dairy products, nuts and fruits.In the third week, it is necessary to normalize water-salt metabolism. To do this, the main product of consumption should be mineral water without gas, as well as freshly squeezed juices.Drying the press assumes that you will not forget to take vitamin and mineral complexes that replenish the amount of nutrients that do not enter the body during weight loss.Sitting on such a diet, be sure, after a while the body will learn to spend the energy it receives, instead of putting it in the form of fats on your waist.After the preliminary stage of weight loss, you can start exercising. However, remember that training will be ineffective if you eat incorrectly.Press drying - sample menu:1. Limit your fat intake. Preference should be given to fats contained in seafood and food of plant origin. Therefore, include olive oil and fish in your diet.2. Use the "1/3" rule. It says that a third of the food should be a source of proteins (fish and meat), and 2/3 - carbohydrates (pasta, cereals).3. Eat six times a day and in small portions.4. Drink as much non-carbonated mineral water as possible.5. Indulge yourself with your favorite food, but not more than once a week.6. Monitor your body's reaction to certain foods. No matter how healthy the food is, if it causes you allergies, it's not worth eating it.7. Study labels. They have a composition written on them, on which the effectiveness of your weight loss depends.8. Eat slowly. This will allow you to avoid overeating. A versão de demonstração jogo do aviãozinho permite que você jogue sem se registrar; a funcionalidade do jogo é a mesma da versão padrão, mas o equilíbrio do jogo não é real e você pode explorar, se comunicar com outros jogadores, testar novas táticas e voltar ao modo de jogo principal a qualquer momento.